Builders of Hope

Welcome to Builders of Hope

In northern Indiana Builders of Hope bringing help and hope to low and income homeowners by putting volunteers to work repairing homes. Builders of Hope is a faith based not for profit committed to providing the entire community the opportunity to assist homeowners in Elkhart and St. Joseph Counties who are without the means to make the needed repairs to their houses.

At Builders of Hope we work with any resident homeowner who qualifies financially, limited only by time, financial resources, and the volunteers to perform the work. In the past 5 years we have assisted more than 90 homeowners in Elkhart and St. Joseph Counties. Work has ranged from making interior repairs to building handicap accessible ramps to re-shingling roofs. In 2014 we completed work on 32 homes in Elkhart and St. Joseph Counties. We plan to assist at least 30 homeowners in 2015.

In 2014 Builders of Hope was the recipient of a grant of $11,300.00 from the Elkhart County Community Foundation. This generosity allowed us to purchase a much needed new trailer and new tools and construction equipment. The benefit of having the new trailer to complement our existing trailer is that we have had numerous occasions where we staged work at more than one venue simultaneously. In past years it would have been virtually impossible to work at more than one site at a time.

The year 2015 has seen big changes for Builders of Hope.  The growth in the need for services led us to hire first full time staff. William Tindle, Jr., is serving as our Field Director, overseeing all of our construction activities.  We were also the recipient of another grant of $50,000.00 from the Elkhart County Community Foundation that will go toward the first year's salary of a full time Executive Director. We are partnering with 1st Source Bank to manage their Neighborhood Impact Program/Accessibility Modification Programs Grants in Elkhart and St. Joseph Counties.  By use of the grant funds, which are provided by the Federal Home Loan Bank of Indianapolis, we are able to use contractors to do work that cannot be safely done with volunteers.  On some houses we use a mixture of volunteers and contract workers to accomplish the work.

We are also in the process of rehabbing a house in Elkhart that, when completed, will be sold to a low income homebuyer.  This house was purchased from the City of Elkhart to be rehabbed.  We are increasing our volunteer network in 2015 by collaborating with other relief and educational agencies, providing meaningful work opportunities for their clients that will enable those clients to become more employable. We are also growing our network of churches, some of whom will use their Builders of Hope service as a part of a larger mission of community development. We are also working to involve neighborhood associations in a larger program of neighborhood improvement and development.

Please visit our Projects page to see highlights of some our past work assisting homeowners. While there you can also learn about opportunities for you to serve homeowners living in the quiet desperation of unmet needs.

At Builders of Hope we work with all volunteers, from the experienced craftsmen to the willing workers who just want to help in any way they can. If you or your group would like to help, just go to the Projects page, find a need that appeals to you and click on the "Apply" button. We'll ask you for some personal information and will be in touch with you about setting up a work day or days. We attempt to arrange our projects to fit the schedules of our volunteers. You will see the projects without specific dates unless volunteers have scheduled dates. Once you choose a project and set your dates we will list those dates. It's just that easy to be a part of bringing hope and joy to a homeowner who has been living in despair. We will provide the tools and supplies and the necessary supervision to get the job done. Or, you can volunteer the old fashioned way by calling us at 574-596-1541.

You can also assist us by your gifts. We are designated by the IRS as a 501-c-3 Public Charity and all gifts are fully tax deductible. You may mail gifts to Builders of Hope, P.O. Box 2558, Elkhart, IN 46515, or you may give online by hitting the "Donate" button.

If you are a homeowner in need of assistance you may call us at 574-596-1541. We are here to serve.